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Avani's asana

Our vinyasa classes involve linking several poses together to create strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance. We provide an array of yoga classes throughout the week to allow everyone a chance to find a time that works for them to come in and find balance during the busy day.


Our Yoga Studio is located at 617 W 2nd St, downtown Hastings. Please use the parking lot behind the studio (between 1st and 2nd Street on Hastings Ave).
Our Studio location is only open for 15 minutes before and after each yoga class. If you have any questions, please call our Day Spa location at (402) 469-9786.

Teacher Training

There are currently no YTT classes on the schedule. Please call us at 402.469.9786 or email if you are interested in the program. We are working on a class schedule for 2020!


  • Drop-in $10
  • 10 Class Punch Card $90
  • One Month Unlimited $80
  • Year Unlimited $899
  • Students (Please show ID) $5

“Yoga allows us to discover the sense of oneness with ourselves, our community & our world.”

Our Classes

Please arrive to class 15 minutes early. Please bring your own yoga mat and water bottle to each class.

Awakening Stillness

Beginner Friendly | Meditative  | Limited Movement
Explore diverse mindfulness and meditation practices, and experience a healing, revitalizing yoga nidra to slow down and awaken into stillness.


Strength Building | Heat-building | Active

Create heat and sweat with us as we combine Yoga and Tabata for a HIIT style class, ending with a sweet and cooling savasana to leave you feeling energized and restored.

Candlelight Flow

Beginner Friendly | Heat-building | Active
Beginner friendly yet open to all who would like to go back to the “roots” of yoga. From learning yoga, you have the opportunity to gain strength, endurance, balance, flexibility and self-awareness.

yoga fusion

Beginner Friendly | Heat-building | Active

Expect a variety of styles, including meditation, vinyasa flows, maybe some yin/restorative and definitely pranayama.

Gentle Flow

Beginner Friendly | Heat-building | Active
Move safely and sweetly through poses in a relaxed vinyasa-style class.


Beginner Friendly | Strength-building | Active
Incorporate movement, breathing, meditation, and mantras for an uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practice.

Relax & Restore

Beginner Friendly | Cooling | Limited Movement
Reduce stress through mindful breathing and gentle stretching.

Sunrise Flow

Heat-building | Active
Jump start your day with an anything goes attitude!

Weekend Warrior

Beginner Friendly | Heat-building | Active
Kickstart your weekend and be prepared to sweat, move, and feel alive.


Beginner Friendly | Cooling | Limited Movement
Move through grounded poses with a focus on stretching the connective tissues.

Yoga for Athletes

Strength Building | Heat-building | Active
Whether you run, lift weights, play a sport, or are just looking for a well-rounded physical and mental approach to your workout routine, this class is perfect! Yoga is known to help athletes with mobility, core strength, balance, and focus.